About the novel behind the blog

I really should have started this blog on the first day that I started writing this novel. But I’ve been working on it in one way and another ‘properly’ since January.

I say ‘properly’ because this book has been simmering away in my mind for years in one way or another for a few years now. It started with an idea to write a children’s fantasy about King Arthur which morphed in to a ‘Girdle-ripper’ set in the post-roman britain distopia  focusing on the rise and a fall of a tribal leader– the ‘historical’ Arthur. (In case you’re wondering, a ‘Girdle-rippper’ is like a bodice ripper – only set a few centuries futher back.)

I got bogged down in the research for that – I got fixated with the species of trees that would have been in Britain at that time and just couldn’t carry on writing. Just another sort of procrastination. Then it all came to an end when I had to take some exams which took over my life for a couple of years.

After I’d finished my exams and decided to get back to writing the book, it had changed.  From somewhere, I remembered a story that I wanted to write when I was very very much younger, about a little boy growing up in the fens when Reach was a port. And so the idea for this book was born.

I’ve been working on it solidly for a while, but now I’ve got to a rut and I need something to keep me going. I started to keep a writing diary where I could log good writing days and bad writing days – and the logical progression from that was to write a blog.


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