Robin Hood

I saw the first of the new series of Robin Hood the other day – utter rubbish (and even the sight of Richard Armitage couldn’t detract from it).

It began with Robin appearing to be dead with an arrow through his eye being discovered by a group of what looked like a cross between the gestapo, bondage fetishists and paras. (Did they have berets in the twelfth century? Or tight black leather with loads of buckles? I really don’t think so…)

I know this isn’t strictly relevant, but it is set a few years further on from my novel, so I’m always interested to see how the period is interpreted by others. I don’t have a problem with the modern language that they use (I’ve already decided to avoid fake ‘archaic’ language myself).

But if the BBC carry on at this rate, Robin will be turning up on a Harley Davidson next…


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