Creative U-turn or recharging?

I’ve decided to stop pushing myself so hard to get the first draft finished. Although I’m worried that this could be a bit of a creative u-turn.

On one hand, I’ve got a lot going on in my life. I’m a single mother (to an incredibly engergetic and sparky six-year-old boy) and I work full time. I have a house that needs cleaning and decorating along the lines of the Forth Bridge. And then on top of that, I’m writing a novel, trying to keep posting in a blog – not to mention attempting to keep up with my professional development and fit in a little social life.

I’m beginning to think that somewhere along the line, I need to fit in a little bit of relaxing!

So I’ve decided to ease up with the novel and let my batteries re-charge. I’m not going to be giving it up, though – just not punishing myself to get it finished. I don’t think that forcing myself to try to meet deadlines is helping me in my writing. I’m getting bits done, but I’m not enjoying it as much as I should be.

Having said all that, there’s a little voice in the back of my head that’s telling me that I should keep going and not stop. That I’m giving up and I will regret it later.



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2 responses to “Creative U-turn or recharging?

  1. Art Critic

    You’re right! Stop pushing yourself so hard. If the talent you think you have isn’t flowing just stop. Just say no!

    Put writing the novel and your social life on hold at least until you clean your filthy house. How can you possibly go out and have a good time knowing that your little boy is home crawling around on that dirty floor.

    As to your professional development, I can’t imagine your office being any more organized than your house.

    Please, seek professional help in regards to the “little voice” you keep hearing.

  2. elizadashwood

    I know what you mean, I’m writing a novel too and have had a difficult time keeping up with a full time job, social life, house work, networking, blogging, travel and exercise. Nevermind keeping the house livable. It’s hard to stay motivated and where I agree you need to have time to relax (you’d crack up otherwise) it’s important to keep the momentum going. Maybe you don’t need to set a time deadline for the completion of your project, but maybe a daily word or time limit is the answer. Good luck.

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