Getting on top of it?

I had a good writing session last night. I’ve got most of the handwritten sections typed up: only the last (and longest) section to go! I enjoyed writing longhand, but it’s just not practical. It takes too long because I need to go back and type it all up and my handwriting is just too illegible!Good news is that I’m no longer being influenced by the JK Rowling’s style. The bad news is that I’m taking on the style of the book I’m reading to Josh at the moment (Star Raiders by Donald Suddaby). It’s florid and wordy – real 1950s stuff – but an excellent story for all that. (I had it read to me when I was Josh’s age and loved it, which is why I’m reading it to him now.)

It’s made me begin to wonder about style. What is style? Why is one person’s style good, and another’s, bad? At the end of the day, it’s all just words. What you are trying to say has very little to do with style; it’s how you say it that matters. But what is it that makes me feel that I’d like to write like George Orwell or Phillip Pullan, rather than JK Rowling or Enid Blyton?

It’s all to do with little subtleties of diction and mannerisms/habits. But trying to pin it down, so far, has been impossible.

But I’ve started to wonder if I should choose what books to read to Josh more carefully. It seems that ten to fifteen minutes of reading out loud influences the way I write.


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