Too hot!

How very British of me! As soon as we get a little bit of heat and sun, I begin to long for a bit of cloud and some rain. At least when it was raining I didn’t have to keep watering my garden in the evening.

I didn’t get very much writing done last night. It was too hot, for a start, and a knock-on effect of that was that Josh didn’t want to go to sleep (oh, and we were getting to an exciting part of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire). I’ll make up for it later on in the week, though.

I’ve set myself a target for getting a first draft of the whole novel completed by the end of October. It challenging but not undoable if I can just get my act together. I’m now at a word count of 16,000 – which is an achievement of sorts, although it is all about quality not quantity.

Ok – who am I kidding? It’s taken me since January just to get the first few sections done!

I think that it should get easier the more that I write. It’s a question of pacing myself – a bit like running. I need to find a comfortable pace where I can keep adding the right level of detail without trying to sprint through important events just because I’m too excited about getting on to the next bit of the story. Of course, I’ll also have to be careful to not swing the other way and take pages and pages just to describe the simplest of actions. (I’m no James Joyce!)

One good thing – Josh has said that when we finish Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire he wants to have a break from the series. I’m glad because four Harry Potter books straight off was a bit too much for me, and also the books are getting to the point of being a bit too old for him. Not so much in their darkness, but more in the way they focus Harry et al beginning to grow up, which is all over Josh’s head at the moment.


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