Early bird/ Night owl

But I have a horrible feeling that I’m the worm.

Once again, no writing despite Josh being asleep by nine. My mum rang up instead. (They spend so long together – I wonder if it’s a plot? Like, ‘Nanny, I could do with an early night, you couldn’t give her a call about 9:05, could you? Keep her talking for 45 minutes or so. That should do it…’)

That makes me sound awful. But I am going to be spending all day with her tomorrow, and I’ve seen her every this week too – and I’ve only got evenings to write in!

But that takes me back to my old dilemma: to write very early in the morning (before anybody remotely sane is up) or stick to evenings?

In the mornings all I have to do is write so I get on with it. But Josh seems to be programmed to wake up 15 minutes after I get up, so I rarely get peace and quiet. And he really resents me getting up early to write or study (which he has to get over, but it doesn’t help concentration when your six-year-old son is complaining very loudly about how selfish you are or popping in every five minutes to find out when you’re going to be done. Obviously for him it’s a win-win situation. He either gets away with disturbing me and being obnoxious, or I have to tell him off – and so giving him my undivided attention, which was what he was after in the first place.)

Another down side of getting up early is that I also have to go to bed early, so have even less time to wash up, make sandwiches, deal with phone calls, sort out household accounts. And forget socialising! The last time I tried the whole getting up early routine, everybody (even strangers) kept telling me how tired I looked.

But working in the evening is an uphill struggle because I’m already tired. Quite often my mind is full of all the things I have to do and that makes it hard to concentrate.

On the upside, I finally defrosted the freezer  and liberated all the escaped peas and other assorted items that had been entombed in the ice  like the hapless Runners in Logan’s Run.


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