Split personality

I’ve discovered that I have a split personality.

There is a writing me, and an editing me. Unfortunately, the writing me is only semi-literate, and leaves a lot of things for the editing me to tidy up afterwards. For example, I know the difference between it’s and its; I understand when to use apostrophes (and when not to) and I even know where to use as instead of like. Except, it would seem, when I’m writing!

When I write, I turn into a deranged green-grocer and chuck apostrophes around like confetti. I get there, their and they’re mixed up! What is going on with me?  It’s taking long enough to write the thing to begin with, let alone sabotaging it as I go along!

Not a lot written today. I felt tired after work and still had my ‘editing head’ on, which meant that I crossed out every other sentence as soon as I’d written it.


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One response to “Split personality

  1. marnini

    I can relate to this very well. Sometimes I like to edit my work just as much as I like to write it.


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