Cat and mouse

That’s kind of how it’s felt with time tonight – but I could easily have called this ‘Cat and Boy’. It seemed that as soon as I’d got Josh settled, and sat down to write, the cat wanted something. And as soon as I’d got the cat happy, Josh would be calling out because he couldn’t sleep.

I can understand it because it is hot in his room – but he doesn’t help himself by getting out of bed and making up stories. I can hear him talking to himself while I’m downstairs. It’s really sweet; I can remember doing exactly the same thing when I was his age. And I drove my parents mad with it too!

But, despite the best efforts of both cat and boy, I actually got on quite well tonight. I think I’ve worked out a way to break it down into more managable chunks using Gabrielle Rico’s clustering techniques, with some ideas of my own. As well as chunking the work, it also seems to help me get into the writing mood and might even help later on with editing.

I’ll go into more detail in another post. I wonder if it will work for copywriting, too?


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