Where does all the time go?

I mean, today, I had a great plan. For the afternoon and evening it went something like this:

3:00 – play in garden with Josh, read, do some homework with him.

4:00 – put meat in marinade. Then paint the fence and spend time outside with Josh.

5:15 – Get tea cooking

6:00 – eat

7:00 – bath and story (for Josh)

8:00 – bed – and time for me to get cleared up and do lots of writing.

That was the plan. The reality was somewhat different.

I’d gone out last night, and my brother looked after Josh for me. Josh had had a very late night, which began to catch up with him at about 4:30, just after I’d started to creosote the fence.

4:30 – go inside to play with mega blocks. Get upset because nothing fits, and they are all really stupid.

5:00 – discover plastercine. Get upset because it won’t go exactly how we want it to.

5:10 – abandon it in favour of mega blocks.

5:15 – I begin to make a lemon layer pudding by squeezing the juice out of two lemons.

5:16 – Upset Josh by telling him that a decade is 10 years. Apparently this is the nastiest thing I’ve ever said, and how can I be so horrible to him?

5:45 – Finish squeezing lemons while explaining that I’m not helping him to build a pirate ship because I need to make tea so that we can eat – not because I hate him.

6:15 – Finish making pudding and wish I’d never bothered in the first place. Manage to get rest of meal cooked in between floods of tears and temper tantrums (from Josh, not me).

7:00 – Eat tea.

7:30 – go out to water garden and make mistake of getting out the shears to cut back a few stray twigs from a bush. Josh decides to help.
8:00 – Manage to get the shears back into shed. Run bath.

8:20 – Josh remembers that I’d promised that I’d read him his story in the garden. Take supper and book into garden. Get carried away with the story.

8:45 – Clean teeth and into bed. Persuaded to read just a couple more pages.

9:15 – Got carried away reading again, go back down stairs, tidy up and wash up tea things. Bring in brush and clean off creosote.

10:00 – Finally get a chance to do some writing.

Time management is not my strong point, obviously.


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