At last – and I feel a bit too weekend-ified to really get into writing today. I’ve worked on the book for about an hour and I think that I deserve to have a bit of time off for the rest of evening.

Josh is with his dad tonight – which is why I’ve been able to eat, watch a dvd and get a bit of writing done. And it’s still not even 10:00!

I’ve got a dinner party to prepare for tomorrow night, so probably not as much writing in as I’d like. I suppose it will depend whether or not it rains: if it rains then I can’t get on with much in the garden and I’ll be able to write without feeling guilty about not doing something else.

How’s the novel going? Still slowly, but the pieces are beginning to fit together. I just wish that I could write it faster – handwriting it seems to be motivating me to get on with it (it’s not easy to spend all evening in front of the computer when that’s what you’ve done all day) but it’s taking so long. If only I could write quickly and have something legible at the end of it.


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