The dangerous book for boys (and mums)

I broke my promise to myself. (The one not to buy any more books.)

I went into town early today and just happened to be passing a shop that sold books, and I just happened to go in and look – and saw The Dangerous Book for Boys and realised that I had to get it. For Josh, obviously. Why would I want to know how to tie knots, build a tree-house or make the best paper aeroplane? Or find out how famous battles were won (or lost) or get hints on how to find fossils?

Actually, the book reminded me of a series of magazines that my dad collected back in the sixties called Finding Out. They each had a cover picture that showed the contents of the magazine as a still life painting – even before I could read, I liked looking at those cover pictures. And the topics they’d cover would include famous people (like Captain Cook) as well as life in different countries, volcanoes and the plays of Shakespeare. It was a complete mix, and when I began to read them in the late seventies through to the eighties, they were already hopelessly out of date, but still brilliant – and surprisingly useful. Little did I know how useful ‘Tales from the Greek myths’ would be until I began my English degree!

But that was just a fleeting distraction today. Josh went to see the Chinese State circus with his dad, so I had a bit of time to myself and got a whole hour of writing in. I was hoping to do some more tonight, but once again Josh has only just gone off to sleep and to be honest I feel too tired to write now.

(And anyway, I’ve got a burning desire to find out how to win at playing conkers. I’m sure it will come in handy one day.)


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