Feeling poorly

And no writing done today either. I feel lousy and I spent all morning at work without being able to concentrate. I gave up at 2:00 and came home. I’m not sure if I’m coming down with a really bad cold or an ear infection – of if I’m just being a wimp and I’ll be fine by tomorrow.

Josh was really sweet. When he came home from school, he came in and gave me a cuddle (only jumping up and down on the bed a little bit) and even carried in a cup of tea for me. He’s a sweetheart!

He made me jump earlier. I thought he was asleep, so I had a bath and was just thinking of getting out, when I heard a knock. With my ears blocked, I thought it  was coming from the outside – and I’d left the towel in the living room! Luckily it was Josh just come down stairs to tell me that he couldn’t sleep, so I was spared the embarrassment of having to open the door to someone dripping wet and wearing whatever I could find in the laundry basket.

He’s only  just gone off to sleep now, so I’ve decided to give novel-writing a miss tonight and get some more sleep.

When I had a sleep earlier this afternoon, after coming back from work, I woke up with an idea for a romance story already fully formed in my mind. I don’t read the genre, but maybe I ought to give it a go?  Is it a gift from the ‘Great Creator’ that Julia Cameron tells us about, or myself just trying to sabotage the novel I’m writing at the moment?


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One response to “Feeling poorly

  1. Mckenzie

    Sometimes it’s best to take a rest from writing– especially when feeling a bit down. Hope you get better!

    heart. mckenzie.

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