Busy busy busy!

Very productive day – and not just for writing. I got up at six thirty (which is not bad for a Saturday. Why can’t I do that so easily on weekdays?) and got straight into writing. I think that works best for me. I get the writing done before I fully wake up to be able to distract myself with other things.

Then I went shopping. Noticed that yet another shop in Newmarket is closing down. It doesn’t look like my one-woman ‘shop local’ campaign is really doing very well. I just don’t have the spending power.

Dad came round to help me get on with finishing my kitchen.  At some point someone thought it would be a good idea to remove the lintel over the door from the kitchen to the outside. If I hadn’t have ripped of the wall paper, I’d have never found out, so I suppose it can’t have been that dangerous, it’s just a bit scary realising that you’ve walking under a load of loose bricks supported by nothing more than a plastic door frame…

And I even found time to go to the garden centre to get some more unsuitable plants for my garden. (A Rhododendron and a Buddleia – in a few years they’ll probably have grown too big. But I like the idea of having a bit of jungley garden.) I didn’t finish planting them because of the rain – and then it was time for Doctor Who.

I also fitted in baking a fruit cake and having a go at making Peach Melba (as a practice run for when I’ve got friends round for dinner in a couple of weeks. He’s a fantastic cook, so I feel under pressure to create something really good.)

Now I’m nicely tired and rambling on about all sorts of off-topic stuff when I should be getting to bed.

I get a lot done when Josh is at his dad’s, but I miss him loads. Maybe that’s why I try to get so much done?


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