But good chaos. Chaos in my house – the living room floor is still covered in Lego and Mega Bloks Pyrates locked in battle. But that doesn’t matter – I’m not using the living room floor, am I? I’m getting on with my book!

I can’t do everything – it’s just a question of priorities. Getting my book written isn’t a treat I give myself after all the housework (when I’m too tired) it’s what I want to do when I can still see the computer screen!

I’m fairly upbeat because it’s going better than I thought it was. I should have pulled a rough first draft out of my raw writing by the end of the week. So the book is chaos too – but I can feel that its pulling together now.

My main trouble at the moment is research. Should I really base the story in Reach or Burwell? Does it really matter if I invent a small manor house that never existed? I mean, how many people would know? I’m having difficulty in working out how land ownership worked – and that I ought to get right. I also need to find out what kind of things apothecaries did. I can’t base all ideas for this by reading Brother Cadfael…


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