I’ve just done a full word count all that I’ve written so far. 14,444 words, so I underestimated yesterday! I’m glad that I’ve decided to begin to review where I’ve got to now – if I leave it longer, it will be too daunting a task.

I doubt any of it is really usable, though.

I was writing an article for a trade magazine today at work. I’d begun to write it long-hand because my computer refused to turn on first thing in the morning. It made me wonder if writing my first drafts longhand might not be a good idea anyway.

Years ago, I wrote everything long-hand (even for the first two years of university). I used to effortlessly string essays together and played around with stories and plays without all this navel gazing about my writing process. Maybe that’s because I just got on and wrote it – with a pen and paper, then read it through and changed what I didn’t like.

Of course, I also did a lot more writing (I don’t count my morning pages – they aren’t intended for an audience) so it was a kind of second nature.

I can always give it a go – I’ll have to sort out a good filing system for my drafts, and do something about my handwriting. No point in writing something if you can’t understand it afterwards. But it will be nice to get away from the computer screen for a while – sometimes it feels as if I spend all my time in front of the screen!


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