Short and sweet

I want to keep it short today – I think I spent too long writing yesterday’s post. The idea is to blog about writing a novel which means that I should spend some time actually writing it!

Not a bad day today in terms of writing. I’m beginning to feel more comfortable with the idea of not worrying about what I’m writing and just focusing on getting the story down. I’m sure that I can fix everything else later…

But the story has begun to change itself and I need to review all that I’ve written so far to try to untangle the threads a little. For example, Stephen, one of my main characters, has shifted from being the father of another character (Arif) to his cousin and now seems to make most sense as a brother. In the meantime the arch-baddie of the piece (Geoffry de Mandeville) also seems to have got himself related to these two as a half brother. And what with building shifting sizes and places – it’s more like a scene from Dark City than a story!

I think I must have written around 10,000 words, so if I don’t pull it together to make sense now it will be a huge job later on. (10,000 sounds like quite an achievement – but I dread to think how much of it is going to be usable!)


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