Up and down

I’ve had two writing sessions today – one was good, the other pretty diabolical.

I should have been able to achieve a lot more because my little boy is with his father this weekend and I have nothing to do except write (and do the housework, shopping, gardening, accounts, letter writing, phone calls and all the other everyday stuff that gets in the way of writing).

My morning session was the best one – although I’d gone completely off plan as I decided to write about the house where one of my main characters lives. This is quite difficult as I know very little about 12th century housing, but I made a few general guesses based on memories of the sets on Cadfael and Robin Hood. After my previous experiences of getting bogged down in research, I’ve decided to leave as much of that until I’ve got a basic draft completed. Otherwise I’ll be in danger of becoming an expert in domestic architecuture of the early middle ages and still only have 6,000 words of my novel written.

What was interesting about this morning’s session was how the house and situation changed. I’d always thought of Stephen’s house as being small – a one-roomed hovel which was both living space and workshop. Now, after experimenting with image streaming, I’ve discovered that it’s actually a large house which he inherited from his father. It’s tumble-down and not well kept, with a wild, overgrown flower garden on one side and a neat herb garden on the other.

Although I spent a long time planning out my story, working out all the threads, new parts of it are still coming to me as I’m writing. This means that much of my previous writing will need to be re-written as a lot of it won’t make any sense.

I’m almost discouraged by this, but I’ve decided to let myself go with this pattern and not worry about it. I’ll keep going and see where it takes me.

My afternoon session was not very productive. My mind is too full of all the other things that I need to do – like clean the cooker – and working out when I’ll get round to doing them!


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